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Cane and Abe

Cane and Abe


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 Unbelievable was the word for her. Samantha Vine was unbelievably beautiful. It was unbelievable that she’d married me. Even more unbelievable that she was gone . . .

Samantha died too soon. Abe Beckham’s new wife has helped him through the loss, but some say it was a step back to marry Angelina, a love from Abe’s past. Abe doesn’t want to hear it, and through the ups and downs, he’s even managed to remain a star prosecutor at the Miami State Attorney’s Office.

Then everything goes wrong.  A woman’s body is discovered dumped in the Everglades, and Abe is called upon to monitor the investigation. The FBI is tracking a killer in South Florida they call “Cutter” because his brutal methods harken back to Florida’s dark past, when machete-wielding men cut sugarcane by hand in the blazing sun.

But when the feds discover that Abe had a brief encounter with the victim after Samantha’s death, and when Angelina goes missing, the respected attorney finds himself under fire. Suspicion surrounds him. His closest friends, family, professional colleagues, and the media no longer trust his motives. Was Angelina right? Was their marriage not what they’d hoped for because he loved Samantha too much? Or was there another woman . . . and a husband with a dark side who simply wanted his new wife gone?

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"Well done ... Grippando writes the heck out of this labyrinthine story, keeping us flipping the pages at a frantic pace."  (Booklist)

"Grippando supplies a satisfyingly wild ride through PRESUMED INNOCENT territory."  (Kirkus Reviews)

 "Suspenseful ... moves at a brisk pace, with surprising twists and acutely drawn characters.  Grippando poignantly describes a disintegrating marriage, allowing readers to see both Abe and Angelina's side." (South Florida Sun-Sentinel) 



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