New York Times Bestselling Author

Yes, there are Stupid Ones.

But They Didn't Make The List.

In what order were the Jack Swyteck novels published?
Each Swyteck novel is written as if it were a stand-alone novel, and James does not believe that they need to be read in any particular order.  That said, many people do like to read a series from the beginning, and if you’re one of those readers, here you go:  The Pardon (1994); Beyond Suspicion (2002); Last to Die (2003); Hear No Evil (2004); Got The Look (2006); When Darkness Falls (2007); Last Call (2008); Born to Run (2009); Afraid of the Dark (2011); Blood Money (2013); and Black Horizon (2014).

Would James like to speak at our event?
James makes most of his appearances in connection with the release of a new book.  These events are scheduled by the publicity department at HarperCollins, and they have taken him to places as far away from home as Australia and Berlin.  His appearances outside of this "touring period" are limited, since this is his writing time.  He does local appearances in the Miami area when time permits.  He will consider appearances outside the Miami area with expenses and an honorarium.  If you e-mail your request to, please use the following subject line:  "Attention D Fisher -- Request for Appearance."  For more information about James and his past speaking engagements, click here.

Can I send my books to James to have them inscribed?
James coordinates with a local bookstore that will handle your request for an autographed copy of his books.  Please send an e-mail to with the following subject line:  "Attention D Fisher -- Signed Book Request." We will e-mail you with a response.

Does James actually read his e-mail?
Our policy is to cull James’ email of rude commentary, business propositions, requests for referrals to his agent or editor, and other inappropriate correspondence. All other e mail is read and answered by James.

Can I get an autographed photo of James?
Currently, we just don’t have the staff to handle these requests.  If we’re in a position to offer photos of James in the future, we’ll announce it on the site. 

I have a terrific idea for a story!  Would James like to write it, or would James like to pass the idea along to his agent or editor? 
James keeps an idea file in his bedroom closet.  It is currently overflowing.  Sadly, even if he were eight years old and in the third grade, he would not live long enough to write all of the stories he would like to write.  And then, of course, there are the legal issues.  We are under strict orders from the lawyer to cull all e-mails that pitch stories, notions, ideas, concepts, or anything of this sort.  Please do not send them, because we do not forward them to James.  Since he does not see them, he is of course unable to forward any submissions to his agent or editor.