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My Dad Was a Stripper!

James Grippando
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Okay, now I've got your attention. Actually, he was a printer for almost thirty years, and the technical term for his skill was —I kid you not— "stripper." My mother was a teacher and later a published author. With that combination, perhaps writing was in my genes.

I write thrillers, and 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of my debut legal thriller, The Pardon.  But The Pardon wasn't my real "first" novel. 

Twenty-five years ago I started writing a novel about Florida’s sugar cane cutters, a mystery set in the Everglades. At the time I was a young lawyer in a large Miami law firm, and after four years of coming home from my day job and writing late into the night, the result was not so sweet. My agent, Artie Pine, told me I’d gotten “the most encouraging rejection letters” he’d ever seen. Seriously. Those were his exact words. “Put the sugar story aside,” he told me, “and write another novel.” So I did. Twenty-two more, to be exact.

Cane and Abe bears no resemblance to that first stumble, save for the sugar and Everglades backdrop.  But it does feel like I've come full circle when I hear readers say that Cane and Abe is my best novel yet.  Pre-order your copy now and see if you agree. 

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